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Breakout Board

Central device for the pyControl system.
It includes a pyControl Breakout Board.

User must provide (items available on the pyControl Accessories):

  • 1x 12V Wall Adapter (to supply the board)

  • 1x Micro USB cable (to connect to a computer)

Starter Kit

A complete set of devices to start immediately working with the pyControl system. All the necessary items are included.

It includes:

  • 1x Breakout Board

  • 1x Audio Board

  • 1x Speaker with 30 cm cable

  • 3x Pokes with acrlylics for easy mount

  • 1x 12V Wall Adapter

  • 1x Micro USB cable (1 meter)

  • 8x Ethernet cables (4x 0.5 meters, 4x 2 meters)

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pyControl is a system of open source hardware and software for controlling behavioural neuroscience experiments, built around the Micropython microcontroller.

It provides a clean, intuitive and flexible Python based syntax for specifying behavioural tasks as state machines. The user writes a task definition file in Python which runs directly on the microcontroller, supported by pyControl framework code. This gives the power and simplicity of Python for specifying task behaviour, while allowing advanced users low-level access to the microcontroller hardware.

pyControl is cross platform (Mac, Windows and Linux) and has extensive documentation. More information about programming tasks can be found here, hardware documentation is here.

pyControl is in daily use in a number of laboratories and has run many thousands of hours of behaviour. The system is being actively developed by researchers at the Champalimaud Foundation and Oxford University.

Profits from the sale of pyControl go to supporting the continued development of the system. For any questions please contact the pyControl google group.

Breakout Board

The pyControl Breakout Board forms the core of each pyControl hardware setup. It interfaces a Micropython microcontroller with a set of 6 behaviour ports, 4 BNC connectors, indicator LEDs and user pushbuttons. The breakout board connects to a computer via USB, many breakout boards can be controlled from a single computer.

The breakout boards behaviour ports are used to connect pyControl Peripherals such as nose-pokes, audio boards, rotary encoders etc. Each behaviour port is an RJ45 connector (compatible with standard Cat 5 or 6 network cables) with power lines (GND, +5V, +12V), two digital input/output (DIO) lines, and two driver lines for high power loads such as solenoids or LEDs. Some DIO lines have additional functionality such as analog to digital conversion (ADC) or serial communication (I2C or UART).