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November 2016 Newsletter

Added on by Josh Siegle.

SfN 2016: Where to find us

At next week's Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, there will be two opportunities to meet with Open Ephys developers and check out our next-generation PCIe-based data acquisition system.

On Monday, November 14, we're hosting an Open Ephys meetup from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in Marriott Ballroom A. We'll have a live demo of the PCIe system, plus our poster will be available for viewing. We'd love to chat with any current or prospective users, so please stop by!

On Wednesday, November 16 (afternoon session), we'll be presenting a poster at MMM62 titled "Open-source system and interface standards for very high data rate neurophysiology and low latency closed-loop experiments." We'll be demonstrating a data acquisition system capable of handling thousands of channels with <1 data-preserve-html-node="true" ms latency. The three co-first authors are Jakob Voigts, Jon Newman, and Aarón Cuevas López.

As an added bonus, Josh Siegle will be DJing the Neurolabware Party on Monday night from 8-10 pm at Fluxx Nightclub (500 4th Ave). Be sure to pick up a wristband from Booth #3311 in order to gain entry before 10.

Other SfN presentations of interest

In addition to the two presentations by the Open Ephys team, here are some posters that highlight open-source tools for electrophysiology and imaging:

Saturday afternoon, FFF9 "Validation and biological relevance of a real-time ripple detection module for Open Ephys"

Saturday afternoon, KKK58 "Smartscope 2: automated imaging for morphological reconstruction of fluorescently-labeled neurons"

Sunday afternoon, LLL49 "LabStreamingLayer: a general multi-modal data capture framework"

Sunday afternoon, LLL47 "RTXI: a hard real-time closed-loop data acquisition system with sub-millisecond latencies"

Monday afternoon, U5 "Wirelessly programmable module for custom deep brain stimulation"

Tuesday afternoon, JJJ18 "Low latency, multichannel sharp-wave ripple detection in a low cost, open source platform"

Wednesday afternoon, MMM56 "A multi-target 3D printed microdrive for simultaneous single-unit recordings in freely behaving rats"

Acquisition boards back in stock

We once again have acquisition boards available for order through the Open Ephys store. They cost €2250 each and include USB 3.0 connectivity, which is capable of streaming 512 channels of neural data.

We're also selling a Starter Kit that includes an acquisition board and two 32-channel Intan headstages, as well as all of the necessary cables and I/O boards you'll need to get up and running right away. The headstages are compatible with electrodes or EIBs that use 36-pin Omnetics connectors, available from vendors such as NeuroNexus and Neuralynx. The Open Ephys Starter Kit is priced at €5400, a slight discount on what it would cost to purchase everything individually.

All of the orders will be fulfilled by the Open Ephys Production Site, and are available for worldwide shipping. If you need a formal quote, please email

Until next time,

The Open Ephys Team