open-source electrophysiology

Software version 0.2.4 released

Added on by Open Ephys.

The latest version of the Open Ephys GUI includes several important upgrades. We've now made it possible to construct more complex signal chains. For example, you can split the signal chain, do separate analyses on each branch, then combine the branches with a merger. This is useful for analyzing spikes and LFP simultaneously, then integrating the results for visualization or closed-loop feedback.

To make it easier to navigate through your signal chain once it's constructed, we've added a Graph Viewer that allows you to visualize the connections between all your processors. Clicking on any one of the nodes will take you directly to its editor interface, so you no longer have to search through splitters and mergers to find it. Everything can be seen at a glance:

We've also made it possible to collapse and expand editors by double-clicking on their name. This will make it easier to construct long signal chains without taking up more screen real estate:

There are a variety of other useful features and bug fixes in this release, so we recommend upgrading as soon as possible. You can either download precompiled binaries from our GUI page, or download the source code from GitHub.

Thanks to Shay Ohayon for his input on these features! The next major release will incorporate some awesome new modules he developed, such as an Advancer Node to track electrode position, a PSTH node to display stimulus-locked firing rates, and a Spike Sorter (incorporated into the Spike Detector) to identify units in real time. Stay tuned for more info...