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The mousecam — a head-mounted camera system for freely moving mice

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The mousecam is a head-mounted camera system that integrates detailed behavioral monitoring with electrophysiological (or optical) recordings in freely moving mice.

The system consists of a miniature CMOS image sensor with integrated video data cable, a custom 3D-printed holder for the image sensor, an infrared (IR) LED illumination source, and an IR mirror on a custom extension arm. The system can be combined with inertial measurement devices (or accelerometer sensors as in some Intan headstages) to simultaneously monitor eye position, pupil dilation, whisking, and pinna movements along with head motion in unrestrained, freely behaving mice. Example videos cam be found here.


Camera system

  • Weight 1.3 grams

  • Frame rates up to 90 fps

  • Easy to build and customize

  • Design files and software freely available

A detailed description and validation can be found in:

AF Meyer, J Poort, J O’Keefe, M Sahani, and JF Linden: A head-mounted camera system integrates detailed behavioral monitoring with multichannel electrophysiology in freely moving mice, Neuron, Volume 100, p46-60, 2018. link (open access)