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Drive assembly jig


Drive assembly jig

from 315.00

Assembly jig for the new (2019) drive implant. This jig holds the drive durin assembly and holds the EIB at a stable distance from the drive to make tetrode loading fast and easy.

This jig is not compatible with the old flexDrive, only with the new (2019) shuttle drive. The jig does not come with any drive parts.


  • Jig base

  • Base metal weight

  • Drive holder

  • EIB holders with linear distance adjustment for the available EIBs (32-ch Omnetics, 64-ch Omnetics, 64-ch Hirose)

  • Plating jig base

  • Screws

  • Screwdriver for the M1 screw

You’ll need the jig to hold the drive while loading, so if you’re loading multiple drives concurrently you’ll need multiple jigs.

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