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Cyclops LED Driver 3.6

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Cyclops LED Driver 3.6

from 450.00

Cyclops is an open-source LED driver that enables extremely precise control of light power for optogenetic stimulation.
This revision offers considerable improvements in terms of speed, precision, programmability, thermal stabilityand ease of use.

Its capability of delivering ultra-precise and continuously time-varying light waveforms for optogenetic stimulation is still not possible with commercial hardware for optogenetic stimulation. 

Package includes:
- 1 Cyclops (revision 3.6)
- 1 Teensys 3.2 (embedded on Cyclops)
- 1 power supply (15 Volts, 4 Amps)
- 1 wall adapter cable according to your region

Cyclops offers the possibility to directly drive Thorlabs or Doric LED modules using an optional mounted M8 Connector

See more details here, or the manual (pdf) (md)

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Mounted M8 Connector:
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